Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tip of the week #2

Hello friends!
I hope everyone is having a fabulous week and looking as amazing as ever! This weeks tip is probably one of the most useful tips and one that I use on a daily basis. So, what is it?
Yes, baby wipes. No, you don't have to be wiping tushies to use them. I suggest that every woman keep baby wipes in their purse. There are so many helpful uses for them that will really surprise you. How many of you have changed your clothes a million times trying to find an outfit that you feel acceptable in only to get deodorant all over it rendering it useless? UGH! Well, now you don't have to settle for the 2nd best outfit anymore because you can get it out with, drum roll please, BABY WIPES! 
What else can you use baby wipes for?
*Removing hair dye stains from your skin
*Clean the leaves of your house plants
*make your own wet swiffer
*great for removing ink from most surfaces
*can't take a shower? give yourself a sponge bath with wipes
*removes deodorant and makeup off of clothes
*wipe your pups paws after a rainy walk
*crazy flyaway hair? tame them with a wipe
*dirty feet? wipe them clean
*for all the pregnant ladies, pour a little witch hazel on and you have medicated hemorrhoid wipes
*Messy snack in the car? clean you and your car with wipes
*gently removes makeup
*best camping accessory
*cleans the chalkboard
*wipe down any surface for a quick clean
 I prefer to get the travel size and just throw it in my purse.

So how's that for a tip? If you say you don't have a use for baby wipes then you must live in a bubble :) Did you find this post helpful? Do you have a use for baby wipes that I didn't mention? If so, please, leave a comment below.

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Makeup Primer Comparison

Hello friends!
I have just recently started using makeup primer before I apply my foundation and have gone through quite a few trying to find the right formula. I've used some that are really greasy and instead of keeping my makeup fresh and in place it looks like a smeared mess! Not a good look! I have also used some that are so thick it creates a film on your face and makes it feel like you're wearing gallons of makeup. Being from Florida, I need a primer that really does what it is intended to do.
The two primers I'm comparing today are Maybeline's Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Makeup Primer and Rimmel's Stay Matte Primer
I was so excited to try out the new Baby Skin primer from Maybeline and rushed out to the store to get it as soon as I found out that it was available. I had heard the most amazing things about it from magazines and online so I was really expecting to be wowed.

Maybeline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Makeup Primer

When I opened it and felt it on my fingers it felt silky and smooth but too greasy for me. It goes on nice and smooth and I allowed a few minutes for dry time before applying my foundation. I was highly disappointed when I looked in the mirror at 2 pm and saw what looked like a Van Gough painting on my face! Not so sexy! It appeared to me that the Baby Skin primer caused my foundation to smear and run. Maybe this product would be better in the winter months when the Florida heat isn't so sweltering but my opinion of Maybeline's Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser Makeup Primer is not a good one. I have found that a lot of the Maybeline face products are greasy. I tried their BB cream and I had the same issue, too greasy.

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

Now on to Rimmel's Stay Matte Primer!   

When I opened the package I noticed the primer was thicker than some of the other primers I've tried. It went on smooth, similar to a face cream. I don't know if I really needed to do it with this one but I allowed 5 minutes for dry time. The Stay Matte primer absorbs really well and doesn't feel greasy on my face like the Maybeline one did, which is a plus. This time, when I looked in the mirror around 2 pm, I was very happy and satisfied to see that my makeup looked just as flawless as it did when I put it on first thing this morning. I was outside running around and STILL my makeup stayed in place and looked as fresh as ever! I would definitely recommend this primer!! The cost of Rimmel's Stay Matte Primer is only $6.99 which is a great deal and makes this product even more appealing! I cannot recommend this product enough and am absolutely in love with it! I really like all of the products in Rimmel's Stay Matte line.

If you have used either of the products that I have compared today I would love to hear about it. Please feel free to leave a comment below and tell me about your experience.

Thank you for reading what I have to share!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tip of the Week #1

Hello friends!
I hope everyone is having a terrific start to their week and looking as fabulous as ever!!! 
When I was thinking up all my ideas for this blog, one of the ideas I had was to provide you all, my friends, with a tip of the week. I always love learning all these great little tips that take zero effort and give you maximum results. Now that my blog is up and running I will be providing you all with a new tip every week.
With summer here and the temperature hot enough to fry an egg on your forehead, getting tips to help your makeup stay in place or prevent it from running are crucial! It's also wedding season and making sure your makeup is picture ready at all times is also very important! 
You might think I'm crazy when I tell you this but take it from me, it works! After you put on your makeup dab your finger on your antiperspirant and dab it on your upper lip to prevent sweat beads from forming! This will prevent you from having your upper lip glistening in the light of the sun.....or flash ;) Make sure you don't rub it on or you will rub your makeup around, JUST DAB. 
I hope this tip is helpful for you this summer and keeps you looking as stunning and flawless as ever in your pictures!

Thank you so much for reading what I have to share!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Turbie Twist. Is It a Love or Hate Relationship?

Hello Friends! One of the things I wanted to accomplish with this blog is to prevent my friends from wasting money on products that are not worthy of your all mighty dollar. So, because I love you all so much I will take one for the team and test out all of the products myself! Throughout my posts I will be reviewing products and also comparing products to make sure you are getting the best product you can get for the money that you are spending. There's nothing I hate more than being so excited to get the next new product only to get it home and be terribly disappointed. If you have products that you are curious about but do not see on my blog, please, drop me a line and I will get on it ASAP! My goal is to make you all, my friends, happy and beautiful without being broke! 

As many of you that know me know, my hair is my thing! I will go to any lengths to make sure that my hair is taken care of and is not a hot mess. My hair goes down to almost my waist and is thick enough to make a wig for 4 or 5 drag queens. Washing, drying and managing my hair is a task in and of itself. I look like a fool after I get out of the shower with a towel wrapped up on my head so heavy that I'm stumbling and walking into walls. Isn't there anything else I can use to dry my hair that wont cause me to break something? DING DING DING. I remembered going through the "As seen on TV" isle at wally world and saw a Turbie Twist for a whole TWO DOLLARS! Really? Two dollars? I think, no matter what the outcome is I can afford two dollars. I was very skeptical because my hair is so long and thick that I figured there was no way that this little piece of fabric could contain my monstrosity!

Well let me just say this.......WOW! Not only did the Turbie Twist hold all my hair but it was light, not an overwhelming amount of fabric and it dried my hair much more efficiently than your standard bath towel. It is such a convenient little thing! You put it on your head, twist it up and there is even a little loop on top to secure the tip of the fabric with.

I could not be more pleased with this product and highly recommend it to any woman that uses a towel a top her head to dry her hair with. Hands down this is the best two dollars that I have ever spent! If you have any questions or if you have used the Turbie Twist yourself, please, leave a comment below!

Thank you for reading what I have to share!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Motives by Loren Ridinger for La La Review

Motives by Loren Ridinger for La La
Red Carpet Palette
Pressed Eye Shadow
I tried this make up for the first time this week and was EXTREMELY impressed! All of the colors in this palette are gorgeous. I get so frustrated when I go to high end stores looking for an eye shadow palette and only being visually satisfied by half of the colors in a palette, therefore, being forced to buy two just to get all the colors that I like. When I first received this product the first thing that I noticed was the packaging, of course. There are four round eye shadows in a very nice, black, modern case with a window to view the colors. I love that the case isn't too big and bulky so it fits nicely in your make up case. The colors in the Red Carpet Palette are absolutely gorgeous and PERFECT for spring and summer! The colors are very pigmented and look the same on your skin as they do in the package. 

The Motives by Loren Ridinger for La La eyeshadow goes on silky and smooth. Each of the colors has a slight shimmer to it but not too much. If you're looking for the perfect eye shadow palette for spring and summer, this is it! I'm very picky when it comes to eye shadow and I really enjoyed trying this one out. Not only is Motives' make up amazing but so is their customer service! I will definitely be ordering more of these eye shadow palettes soon! To order, go to
If you have any questions you can email Lisa who is an independent beauty consultant for Motives by Loren Ridinger at
I know you all will love it as much as I do and I would love to hear about it in the comments below.

Thanks for reading what I have to share!