Saturday, February 28, 2015

The No! No! Professional Hair Remover....Give it a Go? Or is it Really a No No?

Hello my loves!
Tonight I'm going to review a product that I have been DYING to try ever since I saw the ads on television a few years back.
 I tested this product out on myself and for maximum effect I grew my leg hair out to the length required for waxing. So now that I have an entire forest growing on my legs I figured this would be a good time to give it a go. I also wanted you all to really be able to see if it works or not instead of just taking my word on it. I apologize for the grotesque picture of my leg hair but I'm taking one for the team in the name of BEAUTY!!!

The case that contains everything

I got the No!No! out of it's case and made sure it had a good full charge on it. I read the instructions and got my little area all set up. I exfoliated my legs not because the instructions said to but because I was doing everything I could think of to maximize the results. There are 2 different size attachments, small for smaller areas such as under arms or face and there is a larger size attachment for legs and arms, larger areas. 

The large and small attachments
I selected the large attachment and read the directions again....hold device at a 90 degree angle with screen facing you and slowly glide across the skin 3 to 4 times per area and voila, no more hair!! I did EXACTLY as instructed and the only thing I noticed was the overwhelming aroma, stench rather, of scorching hair!

Before using No!No!
 There were a few hairs that were shorter, a few that looked like they'd been a little too close to a fire and the rest just stayed exactly as they were. I thought to myself...this couldn't be! All of those commercials with smiling men and women amazed at how smooth and hair free their skin was can't be fake, right? ;) I decided to keep trying...7-10 strokes across the skin and...nope, nothin'. I finally put on an episode of Dr. Phil and mindlessly sat there and glided this contraption all over my leg for an entire hour while the sweet stench of burnt leg hair fills the room. What kind of results did that produce?

After over an hour of continuous use

 My legs better feel like a baby's butt after all that hair burning, right? Nope. Prickly as a porcupine..but short. I read some more of the instructions and it said to take this buffer pad that came with it and buff away the "crystallized" leg hair (i think that's their fancy word for burnt) revealing the smoothest skin you've ever felt....yeah, if you're a porcupine!!! 
The buffer that comes with it
OK, time to regroup. Maybe my leg hair is too course or dark for this product so I figured that I would try it on my arms. The hair on my arms are blond and very fine. I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt and try again. If it's going to work at all it is going to work on blond baby fine hair, right? Sadly, no. I played with this thing for over a month giving it chance after chance to redeem itself and time after time the only thing it didn't fail at doing was disappointing me! I tried it on short hair, long hair, light hair and dark hair. I produced every possible scenario that would assist this useless contraption for success but it failed miserably every single time.

When I review products I don't set out to see if I can make them fail or deem them useless. In fact, I try to do the opposite. I try to get every angle and see how it could work if at all possible. This product was not only useless but I felt extremely do many consumers that I've spoken to. When ordering this product your fears of it not working and being out roughly $270 are put to rest by the risk free 60 day triple guarantee. You can't go wrong with that you would assume but yet again I am massively disappointed! You basically have a 24 hour window of when you can return it and they make it so difficult if not impossible to do so.
My best advice is to RUN! Realistically, you are better off waxing or shaving. Both produce much smoother skin and take a lot less time and money.
Do not waste your time or your money on this contraption. Taking a lighter to your hair would produce the same results...smell and sight! 

I hope you all enjoyed my review and thank you so much for reading what I have to share.
Please feel free to leave your comments or suggestions below.  

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Last Under Eye Concealer You Will EVER Buy!

Hello my loves! 
I hope you are all having a fabulous Sunday Funday!
Today I am so excited to tell you about a new under eye concealer that I received in my Ipsy Glam Bag. This is my..."if I could only use one beauty product for the rest of my life" choice! And I am extremely confident in that choice! 

We all look for the next new under eye concealer to hide the dark circles and puffy eyes that we are all too familiar with from either the times you had a little too much fun at those long never-ending nights or because you're just OLD. I plead the 5th as to which category I fall under. Regardless of the reason, that look is not flattering on anybody! 

1 Concealer ONLY. No other makeup.
I honestly cannot tell you how much money I have spent trying to camouflage those horrendous dark circles and I obviously did NOT find a product that did what it claimed to do considering I was still a prowess on the hunt!

So, what is this amazing product? It is brought to you from the amazing company, It Cosmetics, and it is called Bye Bye Under Eye® . Bye Bye Under Eye is a full coverage anti aging waterproof concealer with hydro-collagen vitamins C&K. It is $25 for 0.28 fluid ounces. I received the sample size which is .11 ounces in Ipsy's December glam bag and even with everyday use I have more than half of the tube still left! You only need the tiniest dot to get amazing full coverage under each eye. 

My New Best Friend! ;)

I absolutely adore this product and use it on a daily basis. If you are in a hurry you can put on Bye Bye Under Eye, mascara, blush and lip gloss and be out the door looking refreshed and beautiful! If you have a night out planned you can use this product first as your under eye concealer and build your makeup look up from there. 

If  you have used Bye Bye Under Eye I would LOVE to hear what YOUR thoughts and opinions of it are! Please leave them in the comments section below along with any other products that you would like me to review or any other topic that you would like me to cover regarding beauty, fashion & a fabulous lifestyle!

Thank you for reading what I have to share!