Monday, April 28, 2014

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

Hello Friends. I hope everyone is having a fabulous evening despite the fact that it is a Monday. Sometimes we get a case of the Mondays and the best way to get through it is to make sure you look and feel like a million bucks without spending it! I admit, I love high end stores and the foundation that sits so beautifully on their shelves, but, sometimes we all need to save a few pennies when life throws us an unexpected expense. When said curve ball happens I have the PERFECT foundation that will make you look so hot you'll break all the boys necks without breaking the bank. Rimmel Stay Matte foundation is absolutely amazing! This foundation has a thicker mousse like texture with full coverage. One of the things I adore most about this product is the fact that it does not run when I perspire. I tried the Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation with and without primer and loved it both ways. It is a little on the thicker side and if I was looking for a little more natural look I would add a drop of moisturiser to the foundation and mix before applying. This can also help to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles ;)
So now that I have gone on and on about how amazing and wonderful this foundation is and have gotten you addicted I have some really bad news........
Rimmel discontinued the stay matte foundation. I have been able to find it at walmart and some drug stores and of course, on line. I have had a few people ask me, why would you review a product that has been discontinued? Easy, this product impressed me so much that I wanted to pass on this information to you so if you saw it you would snatch it right up! It hasn't been difficult for me to find so I hope you all will not have a hard time finding it either. Let me know how you like it in the comments below and leave YOUR favorite foundation as well! If there are any foundations that have your curiosity peaked let me know and I will do a review.

Thank you so much for reading what I have to share!

Rimmel has brought back this foundation! This makes me incredibly ecstatic!
So ladies, go out and get ya some and don't forget to leave a comment below to tell me what YOU think of it.


  1. Erin, I have super sensitive skin. If I use the wrong type of foundation I break out in bumps and get is this foundation bc i am currently looking for a good one. i am also super pale and it is so hard to find one that isnt toooo light or tooooo dark...

  2. I am also extremely sensitive and I do not get any breakouts with this! They have a very light color that would look great on you ;) I believe it's number 100 and It's only $5.99 Let me know what you think of it :)

  3. sorry, the color number is 010 light porcelain :)